Debunking 10 Common Myths Associated With Removalists


Moving has become a common occurrence nowadays and needless to say that it involves too many hassles. If you fail to find a way out of these hassles, it becomes impossible to save yourself from the stress. Especially when you need to relocate large furniture to a whole new place, moving becomes more challenging.

To avoid the stress, a significant percentage of the people rely on the professional removalists in Melbourne that takes the complete responsibility of the move, allowing you to focus on more important things associated with moving. There is no denying to the fact that the smooth moving process totally depends on the efficiency of the removalists in Melbourne.

However, the presence of many incompetent removalists in the market, people often believe the rumours surrounding the service quality they might get. Moreover, people seem to share their moving experience and give moving advice. These stories, tips, advice and myths are found all over the internet. Everyone has heard and read the horrifying moving stories and popular myths associated with moving.

These myths have made people feel unsafe to share the responsibility of their valuables to removalists, thinking that they will damage it. While there is a grain of truth to some moving myths, other is severe misconceptions that may result into major moving mistakes, if taken seriously. Thus, it becomes important to bust these misconceptions before you consider taking moving as a DIY project. Listed below are the common debunking myths and the fact associated with it to help to gain the proper understanding and decide the best for you.

Top 10 Myths About Removalists Debunked:

Myth 1: Packing Boxes Are Not Essential

Fact: If you believe in the fact that you don’t need good quality boxes to pack all your valuables, you are making a huge mistake at the initial level itself. From getting good quality boxes to labelling them accurately, the process needs to be flawless to ensure that your packing remains intact and can survive the road bumps in the transit.

Myth 2: Boxes Are All Same – Use Any

Fact: Not at all! All the boxes are not the same. Never make a mistake to use boxes from dumpsters or local stores. Professional removalists in Melbourne uses boxes they are more durable and are made using more durable cardboard. These boxes are capable to hold heavy things and even protect the fragile items and electronics.

The size of the moving box matters too. Many people believe that one can load the books and kitchenware in any box. But the fact is that it may lead to unexpected consequences. Pack the heavy books in small moving boxes and the kitchenware in dish-pack boxes.

Myth 3: All the Removalists are same

Fact: Wrong! Neither all the removalists are same nor do they offer similar services. Many removalists provide dedicated services. Some might specialise in domestic removal while some in commercial removal. Ask them and they will let you know about their specialisation way before you hire them.  Moreover, the companies differ in rates, reputation and service quality too. Do your homework, research the company and check with the BBB. This ensures you to find and hire reputable removalists in Melbourne.

Myth 4: All the Removalists Have Insurance Coverage

Fact: Nope! Not all the moving companies in Melbourne are backed up by an insurance policy. Many new companies fail to take the liability of the assets that get damaged or last while in transit. Thus, it is highly advisable that you always ask the removalists whether they are providing insurance coverage or not. This ensures that all your valuables are in safe hands.

Myth 5: Removalists Transport Everything

Fact: No, they don’t! Due to security reasons, a reputed and licensed removalists company will never more elements such as firecrackers, drugs, bullets, alcohol, guns, live plants and perishable food. that can cause damage to your belongings and vehicle both. Thus, better keep such things aside while starting the packing. The best way is to ask for a list of the acceptable and non-acceptable things from the potential removalists.

Myth 6: Every Removalist Company Offers Storage Facility

Fact: Not all the removalists are associated with the storage facility. Thus, before you commence packing things, you need to ask every single detail of the service provided. Also, there is no point in considering those companies as unworthy. Removalists that don’t have a storage facility, usually have large trucks and vehicles to ensure that the moving is carried out instantly and hassle-free. Moreover, many reputed companies also collaborate with the storage facilities to provide you with the helping hand in the time of need.

Myth 7: Friday is the best Day to Move

Fact: One of the biggest rumours that are associated with moving is – Friday is the right day to move as you have the entire weekend to unpack. While this is true, the weekends are also the busiest time for removalists in Melbourne. They tend to charge more on weekends and at the beginning and end of the month, as that the peak time for the moving companies.

Myth 8: Removal Companies Have Hidden Cost

Fact: Another common misconception about the removalists is that you ought to pay more after the job completion. Many believe that the companies never offer the detailed estimate and ask for a huge amount instantly. However, such situations occur only when you don’t hire the reputed removalists.  A reputed and professional removal company will discuss the quote and additional charge (if any), before signing the control. Moreover, they will provide you with the breakup of the estimated quote for your better clarity.

Myth 9: Expect Things to Be Broken While Unpacking

Fact: If you expected things to be broken at delivery then you would probably be considering DIY to ensure proper handling. When you hire reliable removalists in Melbourne, you can rest assured that your good will not be damaged in transit. Professionals take proper care of all your possessions. Thus ensure that you hire a company with years of experience and established reputation.

Myth 10:  Moving Yourself Can Save You Money

Fact: This might only sound good while reading, but not in reality. The fact is that you will spend less money by hiring the services of reputable removalists in Melbourne. The cost of DIY adds up fast, not to mention that you need to call friends, hiring moving equipment, rent a truck and take a day off from work which may result in loss of the wages of that particular day. Hiring a professional removal company will get your assets from one location on-time and without any damage.

Points To Remember:

  1. Be careful while researching your removalists. In case, if you sign up with a less reputable or amateur company, you may be surprised by various extra charges and hidden costs at the last moment.
  2. Ensure to provide your removalists with all the required information while preparing an estimate. This saves you from paying unplanned moving costs such as required extra services, delays, unforeseen difficulties, etc.

In A Nutshell:

Do not allow common moving myths to misguide you while planning your relocation. It always advisable to do some research and get the facts to make an informed decision about your move. Remember, as long as we’re aware of the myths, practice the best moving tips and hire the professional removalists, everything will be well. If you have any doubt while hiring removalists in Melbourne, read our blog on 8 important tips to hire the best removalists.