3 Reasons You Should Book a Log Book Service

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It can be tempting to take your car to the mechanic only if there’s a clear problem.But, as most mechanics would tell you, car servicing does more for you than just fixing any existing issues. A log book service will pre-empt problems before they become problems. That means, you pay for minor maintenance instead of major repairs.

Before we get into the benefits of a log book services, let’s have a quick look at the difference between a log book service and a regular car service.

A general car service will replace or top up all fluids, replace oil and air filters, service and inspect brakes and steering, carry out a wheel balance and alignment and address any other concerns you have.

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In comparison, a log book service is a manufacturer-specific scheduled service. Besides carrying out everything included in a general service, each scheduled log book service specifies what parts of the vehicles need detailed servicing or replacing. A log book service will be tailored specifically to your vehicle according to manufacturer specifications. It ensures that all vehicle components are serviced and replaced before they have the chance to run out. It’s a form of proactive maintenance that ensures that your vehicle is running in top conditions at all times.

Besides keeping your vehicle in top condition, there are three other great reasons to get your car a log book service.


By following the manufacturer’s log book schedule, you can be confident that your warranty will remain intact. Depending on the terms of your warranty, not completing log book servicing as recommended by the manufacturer could void your vehicle’s warranty.

Without a clear service history and full documentation of all parts used and services provided, most manufacturers will not honour a new car warranty.

Log book servicing can almost be viewed as an insurance policy for your warranty.

Resale value

Sticking to your vehicle’s scheduled log book servicing will help you to command a higher resale price when you come to sell your car. A full service history with guaranteed quality parts will let buyers know that the vehicle has had the absolute highest standards of maintenance.

Potential buyers can rest assured that you have taken good care of the car and that there are no nasty surprises waiting for them after they hand over their cash.

Lower repair costs and time

Having detailed records of what services and checks have been performed on your car not only helps when it comes to keeping your warranty or reselling your car, but also in the long run when it comes to repair costs.

Because log book servicing occurs regularly and is thorough, your mechanics are more likely to spot problems before they become catastrophic and lead to your car having to be in the shop for weeks at a time, along with a hefty bill. Further, as you and your mechanic can easily see what has and hasn’t been done, you can more quickly narrow down the causes of any problems that do occur.

While log book servicing isn’t compulsory, it is highly recommended so you can get the most out of your car and your money.