6 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buying a Boat


The concept of renting a boat is gradually entering the internet age. But, people are not highly involved in it. Well, the fact is, it is more or like renting a car. It is quite easy to rent a car whenever and for whatever occasion you want to. Be it an airport pickup, a family vacation or simply going on a shopping spree – renting a car is like a cakewalk as you just need to select from amongst the many available ones. But, when it comes to renting a boat – it is like most of you wouldn’t know from where to start!

Like a car, even the process of boat hire is quite simple, fast and easy. Nowadays, you can easily find different types of boats and water activities online. It is just a click away from you. So, when renting a boat is so easy, the question that pops up immediately is – why to buy a boat when you can rent it easily? Well, earlier there was no answer to this. But now, we definitely have! We understand that earlier renting a boat means finding a needle in a haystack – it was that difficult as you were stuck up with these questions – Where should you look? What about the logistics?

The good news is; the world of boating too, is now at your fingertips, where everything is taken care of. So, what are the attractions that can convince people to rent a boat rather than buying one? Let’s find out!

Why Should You Rent and Not Buy a Boat?

Below-mentioned are some fascinating reasons that signify only one thing very loud and clear – you should definitely consider renting instead of buying your next boat.

#1 Boats are costly

When you are thinking to buy a boat, it is necessary to have an idea about the upfront costs – which are pretty high. The definition of ‘high’ here can extend to even $100,000 – depending on what type of boat you choose. If you are looking for a boat that you can cruise, eat, sleep – then it will turn out to be somewhere around $20,000 per foot, or maybe even more. Unlike this, if you are renting a boat, you only pay when you use it – this directly nullifies the upfront cost of ownership.

#2 Boats depreciate

You’ll find many who use their boats as their second home. It’s great as it becomes like the ultimate waterfront property for you. But, unlike your land property, sooner or later, the boats will depreciate. Just like cars, they are going to lose their value. The life of boats does not depend on the miles travelled. It is calculated on the basis of hours that the engine has been used. So, the more you use it, the more it gets depreciated. Instead, when you consider boat hire, you don’t have to even think about the long-term value. All you have to do is enjoy your boating adventure.


#3 Boats require a lot of maintenance

Have you come across this phrase – BOAT stands for bust out another thousand? Well, it simply means that a boat requires greater maintenance. Everything related to the boat is very expensive. The materials with which the boats are made should be resistant to salt water and constant exposure; which means, they are going to be costly. Whether you have parked your boat in the marina or in your backyard, the elements will demand you a consistent cleaning and inspection. Additionally, if you are not having enough space to keep your boat on your own property, you are likely to spend more to store your boat in the marina. And, how can you forget the insurance costs? Well, renting a boat saves you from all this!

#4 Buying a boat restricts you from exploring other types

If you are buying a boat, you’d necessarily use it. This means you are unable to try your hand on different types of boats available in the market. But, boat hire, on the other hand, offers you this amazing benefit. Want to spend the day fishing? Rent a fishing boat. Wakeboarding? Rent a wakeboard boat. Planning a weekend getaway on a yacht with the wind as your driving force? Rent a sailboat. So, there are literally many ways to enjoy boating. And, owning a boat will limit you to what one vessel is designed for.

#5 Boats remain unproductive for maximum part of the year

Okay, consider that you are buying the boat. But, do you know? The average boater uses his boat about 8% of the year. The rest of the 92% of the year is the time when the boat sits idle, without any use. If you calculate, you are bearing the 12 months storage, maintenance as well as insurance cost just for 30 days of enjoyment. But, on the other hand, when you are renting a boat, you are simply paying for the hours you use it. Worth giving it a thought, right?

#6 Boats cannot be simply left in the dock after use

It is simple – when you own a boat and don’t use it, you’ll feel guilty. After all, you are making a huge investment that you love, so why would you think of any other activity on a summer weekend? Well, there are lots of other fun activities to be explored or different destinations to enjoy during your break. But, you will be able to enjoy less, specifically while seeing your boat idle and empty. Hiring a boat removes all these guilt and restrictions. You are free to do what you want without worrying about your boat staying back in the marina or you not being able to enjoy the different activities or destinations during your break.

The Hidden Costs of Boat Ownership


Aren’t these reasons convincing enough for you to consider boat hire rather than buying it altogether? Boat ownership must definitely be having its own pleasures, but renting definitely out shadows them with so many lucrative benefits for both – the owners and the renters. You, as an owner, can rent your idle boat out to offset the cost of ownership and you as the renter can take all the benefits of what the boat has to offer while paying only for the time you use.