6 Essential Safety Steps To Take While Opting For Crane Hire


As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Melbourne is the fastest growing city in Australia. Moreover, Melbourne’s strong economic performance is one of the major attractions for companies worldwide. This leads to an increase in the need for commercial and residential towers, while also contributing to the boom in the construction industry. While carrying out constructions, cranes and trucks are valuable in assisting in moving, lifting and lowering lots of materials.

Cranes and trucks are one of the best inventions of recent times and are in high demand in certain industries, including construction. However, it is not wise to own the cranes due to their sky-high pricing. Instead, most of the business owners and construction companies decide to opt for crane hire in Melbourne from the third-party company.

With the help of reliable crane hire and truck hire in Melbourne, you can easily lift and transport huge and heavy objects safely and securely. With the help of these specialised vehicles, you can build complex structures like the dam and skyscrapers. Moreover, Melbourne crane hire and truck hire ensures smooth mining operations at all times.

However, if not operated correctly, these vehicles can turn out to be dangerous. There are some factors to consider before hiring a crane truck hire service. As a business owner, you need to collaboratively work with your Melbourne crane hire service providers to ensure that your worksite is safe. Before you look into the types of the crane you want to hire, go through the below six steps which will help you maintain a safe workplace.

  1. Choose the Right Company

When you look for reliable crane hire or truck hire in Melbourne, choose a company that

  • Has state-of-the-art cranes and trucks
  • Meticulously maintains their vehicles
  • Trains their operators to meet the highest standards
  • Can answer all your crane or truck related queries

Since cranes and trucks are complex, heavy and difficult to operate, ensure you hire the company that understands the crane industry inside-out. Also, ensure that their cranes are in pristine condition and the crane operators are thoroughly trained.

  1. Choose the Right Crane

There is a wide range of cranes available to choose from.  Rough terrain cranes are made to move smoothly over rough ground. On the other hand, crawler cranes are easy to move while carrying heavy loads and side lift cranes hoist containers from the side.

If you are unsure which option to choose for crane hire in Melbourne? Try answering the below information:

  • For how long will you be using the crane?
  • How much weight do you need to lift?
  • What height does the crane need to reach?
  • Type of materials you will be working with
  • The environment in which you would be operating the crane
  • How easily can the crane access the site?
  • The type of terrain you are working on

Also, while choosing the crane, go for the Melbourne crane hire that is equipped with all the essential safety features including ladders, ergonomic seats, footholds, visibility and air conditioning. These features will provide protection to your crane operator and also aid in decreasing the on-site injury risks.

  1. Execute Safety Inspections

While opting for Melbourne crane hire or truck hire in Melbourne, ensure to carry out some safety inspection and supervise the usage of the crane. Before you use it, verify that the crane is stable and positioned correctly. Additionally, also make certain that the crane or truck is calibrated to the correct standards.

  1. Be Environment Conscious

Once you have selected the perfect crane that suits your needs, consider environmental factors too. It is essential that you don’t operate a crane or truck in wild weather conditions. For instance, you can’t use the crane to lift objects high in a high wind. You need to be careful in stormy or rainy conditions too.

Similarly, take precautions for the dangers like underground utilities, electrical poles and lines. If you are going to use Melbourne crane hire service for the area where it can collide with another building structure, consider designating a spotter who can oversee the crane’s operation and provide directions as needed.

  1. Make Safety Your Priority

Do every possible thing to ensure that the crane operator is safe throughout the entire project. Prefer to go for crane hire in Melbourne that has an air conditioner, so that the operator doesn’t overheat. Always ensure that you hire only the highly trained crane operator. Moreover, make certain that everyone working on-site are guided and trained to act safely around the cranes. While the crane is in operation, verify that everyone wears the correct safety gears, including helmets.

  1. Develop An Emergency Plan

It is a legal requirement for every employer to have an emergency place in case if any problem occurs. You should:

  • Make a plan and execute it in the workplace
  • Thoroughly train all the employees on all the emergency procedures
  • Ensure to include the details of the evacuation routes in the plan. Also, place evacuation signs in the prominent areas
  • Keep the emergency equipment safe and easily accessible spot. Make certain that all the workers and employees working on the site are aware of it.

Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Opt for crane hire and truck hire in Melbourne only from the reputed companies! Take some extra time to make an emergency plan and make everyone on the worksite to understand it.

Final Words:

Now that you very well understand the safety steps you need to take while opting for truck hire or crane hire in Melbourne, hopefully, you’ll be able to find the right vehicles and right service provider for your business!