6 Ways to Make your Party Memorable

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Parties are all about having good times. However, if you’re the person hosting or planning the party, then it can be a stressful experience. Will everyone turn up? Will they have a good time?

To make sure your party rocks, have a read of the pointers we have below. We discuss what you need to know about limousines, DJs, party games and, of course, drinks.

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So, here are six ways to make your party memorable.

  1. Pre-party
    There are a few ways that you can go about planning your pre-party activities. First, you can have pre-drinks. Pre-drinks are usually held at someone’s place and are often quite casual. If there are guests at the event that you aren’t familiar with, this could be a good time to get to know them.If you really want to make your night memorable, you can also hire a limousine to get you to the party. A good limo hire company will ensure you’re served with everything you need. This includes drinks, music and, of course, that feeling of luxury. Also, after the pre-drinks, you’re probably going to need a designated driver. So, why not get chauffeur and allow all of your friends to have their fun?An amazing pre-party sets the mood and it gets things rolling as soon as you arrive at your main venue.
  2. Music Setups
    When it comes to tunes, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, make sure you have the proper audio setup. Ideally, you should test the sound system the day before your event to make sure that there aren’t any hiccups.The second thing to keep in mind is the type of music that you’ll be playing. This is subjective, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few popular hits lined-up in your playlist. It might help to ask a few of your friends ahead of time about what music they’d like to hear.If you already know your crowd, pick create a playlist that they can jive to. You can also get a DJ to make sure that good music keeps playing throughout the night.
  3. Fun Activities
    Keep your guests engaged via dance floors, karaoke or party games.When it comes to party games, you have to make sure that the rules are simple and that everyone can participate. If the rules are too complicated, some of your guests might not want to play. They’re there to party, not to learn. On the other hand, if you play a party game that excludes certain people, you might risk dividing the crowd and having a group of guests completely bored. Simplicity and involvement. Keep these two things in mind and you’re sure to have fun.You can play classic games like beer pong, musical chairs and charades. But you can also bring board/card games as well. This might include Cards Against Humanity, Uno or Pictionary.
  4. The Bar
    Make sure you have your bar sorted before the event. If you’re in a venue that allows it, maybe you can open up a bar tab. Alternatively, if your party is only going to be hosting a few people, you can just buy the drinks yourself.If there’s going to be minors or guests that don’t drink at your event , it’s a good idea to have various sodas and juices available. You don’t want them just drinking water all night.Having multiple drinking options ensures that everyone in the party has a good time.Always remember to drink responsibly and make sure your guests have a way of safely getting home.
  5. Plan the Seating for you Guests
    To save your guests from having to stand around the venue awkwardly, make sure you have a seating plan arranged ahead of time. If you have guests that aren’t too familiar with each other, make sure to seat them in a way that’s comfortable. You don’t want one table to be having all the fun, while one stays silent.If your venue is not going to have seats, make sure you have the zones set up. For example, have the snack area and the dance floor clearly marked. Have organised tables for the food, drinks and other things that your guests might need.
  6. Have a Welcoming Atmosphere
    For anyone to have fun, they have to be comfortable. Therefore, it’s important that you establish an atmosphere that is welcoming and inclusive.One way to do this is to have a set theme. For example, you can have a costume party where everyone dresses up as something that starts with a ‘T’. As soon as a guest arrives, they will likely feel at home seeing that everyone else is also dressed up in ridiculous costumes. Even if they aren’t familiar with most of the people at the party, they will have a common topic to talk about.

If you’re hosting, it’s also important to welcome the guests and introduce them to people they haven’t met before. This breaks the ice and eases the guests into the party.

To make your night memorable, consider the points that we’ve listed above. Remember these key things and you’re ready to have one heck of an evening.