How Bollards Can Provide More Safety in Melbourne?


“Bollards” – one name which is useful for protecting areas and aesthetics and where first impressions are important! From low to high standards of protection your bollard will do the job while looking fashionable at the same time!

The importance of bollards has considerably increased during the past decade due to heightened concerns about security. They are a simple, practical and cost-effective and useful of traffic direction and control. Rather than security, bollards are also useful for purely aesthetic purposes, executing as landscaping elements.

According to the latest news by The Age, it has been observed that bollards are used for safety purpose and against the vehicle accidents. This is been taken from the news which suggests,” Grand final security heightened as anti-terror bollards installed around city”

Having looked at this news you might have got an idea that how much bollards have popularity when you are looking for safety purpose or to avoid terrorist attacks. Beyond this, there are varieties of bollards which you have observed in different locations like:

  • The yellow pole that keeps you protected from getting too close to the drive-through window.
  • The security bollards placed side-by-side that protects you from driving your vehicle into a walking path.
  • A line of flexible bollards that keep from deviating into oncoming traffic while exiting a parking garage. Also, it benefits drivers at parking facilities to increased awareness of two-way traffic ahead and pedestrian crossings.
  • The bollards or Stanchions that protects the front of the building entrances and direct the pedestrian traffic or controlling crowd. It can also be used to encircle the fountains, statues and other public landmarks.

After having a glance over different types of bollards, now you must have an excitement to know regarding its amazing qualities that you have never heard!

Hence, here we present for you 9 best things that you should know about bollards.

Bollards provide high safety

You must be aware of the fact that car theft is a huge worldwide problem. According to the recent figures available, an average of 148 vehicles was stolen every day in Australia in the 12 months to September 2016, with a total cost of $500 million.

So, in order to discourage this practice and stopping such thefts from your own property, you can install an automatic bollard fixture on your garage or driveway. You can even use bollards for your workplace to avoid such incidents.

Can be installed at various locations 

Mainly, bollards are useful for the safety purpose in a wide variety of areas for a number of diverse applications. They are responsible for playing a major role in public safety and are generally applied to pathways, entrances or sidewalks. You can often find bollards in:

  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Hospital Emergency Ambulance Parking Bays
  • School Restrictive Parking Access
  • Recreational Parks
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping Centres
  • Community Buildings
  • Airports
  • Bus Terminals

Prevents parking overflows

Bollards at car park can prevent an overflow of cars trying to park in place; it can be dangerous in case any fire incident occurs. Also, if too many cars blocking the car park can chunk the emergency services from accessing the building, therefore a car park bollard gives control over this issue.

Provides sustainability

Installation of bollards is responsible for protecting sidewalks, public walks, and building from damage. As a result, it eliminates the conception of unnecessary waste and demands less resource that would be necessary to create new materials.

Value for your money

The value you received after the installation of the bollard is quite high. Mainly hoop barriers are an alternative to fixed bollards which may be more cost-effective when you have an extended length of the perimeter to project. However, nowadays you can get removable bollards in Melbourne which are easy to install and use. They are cost-effective too as compared to other safety products in Melbourne.

Best for traffic management system

Bollards play a very important part in traffic management. From traffic diversions, test challenging, road closures, and semi-closures; all require the use of bollards. Therefore, it is considered as the best friend of traffic management system.

Improves aesthetics value

There are several individuals who are using bollards to improve their property sites to be more attractive. Among all different bollards, architectural bollards are a common choice among property owners and business that are looking a way to protect their location while still maintaining an attractive appeal.

A durable solution

These bollards are a permanent solution to your temporary traffic control requirements as they are made up of extremely durable materials such as stainless steel. All types of bollards whether it is from temporary to fix all have the potential to last a lifetime. Also, they are resistant to weathering and corrosion.

The ultimate choice for cleanliness

After reading all the above amazing things regarding bollards, one best thing to add on is its usage for cleanliness. There are some bollards which are hollow or have fillings. You can use the space inside bollards for keeping the waste material. If you have noticed then you have marked that there are bollards that serve as trash cans and bins in public places like malls. Also, they are used to indicate the location of the smoking shelters, where people can smoke away from others so they won’t get affected.


Bollards are an important product for many businesses like construction, traffic, maintenance, etc. Overall, no matter what is the nature of your business, if you have access control requirements, then there is bollard for your need. Read our blog post on the effectiveness of bollards. Get removable bollards that can be shifted easily and meet your requirements. Choose the best bollards in Melbourne and maintain the safety standards at your workplace.