Essential Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Crane Truck Hire Service


Transporting heavy tools and equipment usually requires a special type of vehicles. As a result, the use of crane trucks in Melbourne is extremely high in certain industries, especially in the construction business. It is the type of a vehicle which is designed with cranes mounted on them and its capacity is usually limited.

However, not all contractors can purchase these trucks because of the high prices. Instead, they choose crane truck hire in Melbourne. This service is not only cost-effective but also comfortable as experienced drivers are there for driving these heavy machines. Here are the top five benefits of truck and crane hire service.

Hiring a crane truck also requires proper care and attention. It is important to know in-depth what crane trucks are all about. Let us take a look!

In which Areas Crane Trucks Are In Huge Demand?

A crane truck is one of the most used vehicles in construction industries. Basically, they are used to lower and lift materials in the construction site. There are many other industries that hire crane truck, including steel or timber for their heavy lifting and transport needs. Apart from transporting large items like electric poles, sewer pipes or transformers to a designated location, there are some other uses of crane trucks:-

  • Digging holes
  • Trimming trees
  • Fire rescue
  • Fixing large billboard signs and street lights
  • Maintaining and repairing telecommunication lines
  • Hanging lights across the road

The demand for crane hire in Melbourne is increasing, as these vehicles have access to the height restricted areas and reduce the work time drastically. In addition to this, it can be directed to tight areas for a single or long-term use as it needs very little room to stabilise. Overall, they not only make lifting and moving objects easy, but also reduce the number of resources required to do the job.

Important Aspects to Consider before Choosing the best Crane Truck Hire Service

Renting a crane can help cut overall expenses in your project and ease the burden of maintaining a crane truck. However, with so many things to consider, finding the right crane service can be a frustrating task. Below mentioned are the factors to consider before choosing the best Melbourne crane hire service.

  1. Experience And Ability

Apart from the size and capacity of the crane truck, you need a service provider that knows what they are doing. Choose the one with the good reputation, long-term experience and relevant skills. Verify the types of crane trucks the company provide, ask about their capabilities, brand, maintenance and performance. All you want to ensure is that the crane your hire suits all the requirements of your project. Also, ask about their ability to adjust to changing situations, such as extreme weather and other variables.

  1. Expertise Of The Operators

Operating crane trucks and other construction machinery is not an easy task when you are totally new to that equipment. Choose the crane truck hire company providing certified operators. Ask if they train their operators regularly on a particular protocol and procedure to make sure the job is completed safely and professionally. Even a small mistake can land you in trouble including legal charges. For this reason, it is essential that you work with tried and tested operators.

  1. Insurance Coverage

When you are looking to hire a crane truck, it becomes your responsibility to verify each and every aspect provided by the company. The leasing company should offer you with all the safety amenities. Ask for the company’s insurance coverage conditions and documents. Go through the crane truck hire contract carefully in order to understand what you are liable for in case of adverse disasters or incorrect operation. Also, consider getting backup insurance coverage for your workers and third parties if in case the rental company doesn’t offer that coverage.

  1. Height Clearance

It is very important to consider the nature of your construction environment and the right crane height when you are looking for a Melbourne crane hire service provider. This is because there are possibilities that the crane you hire, go through some structural obstacles. Adjacent structures, power lines can obstruct you from using the crane efficiently and safely. Take your time and figure out the accurate dimensions of your buildings and other possible obstructions. Thus, choosing the perfect crane height at the time of hiring can help you to perform the job smoothly.

  1. Complimentary Services

Prefer to choose the crane truck hire company that provides you with the other essential heavy equipment you required to complete your project. For example, you may need HVAC equipment for transportation and storage in case you are undergoing restructuring or a boom truck to move heavy things on site. Also, it is preferable to work with a company having years of expertise that can advise you on renting additional equipment for your project.

  1. Hiring Conditions and Costs

If you want to start and complete a job within a timeline, then ask for the crane truck hire contract that clearly outlines charges and terms of payments. To avoid the situations like job halts in between or the equipment is not capable of handling the project, it is essential to clear out everything mentioned in the contract. Hiring a crane truck is not a small feat, every dollar counts, so verify any hidden charges or discounts you can benefit from.


Hiring crane trucks might be just one small thing that you need to do to complete your project, but it can make or mess up the entire process. Thus, choose the rental company to suit your requirements and project specifications. Consider the above-mentioned factors when looking for the best crane truck hire in Melbourne. It will help you to choose the best rental company that provides the satisfactory crane hire service without any hidden charges.