A Comprehensive Guide of Wedding Limousine Hire in Melbourne


Are you considering hiring a luxurious limousine for your big day? Maybe previously you must have considered limousine hire in Melbourne for the events like a debutante, birthday parties or hens night! But, this time – you have to book for your once-in-a-lifetime event, for your own wedding! This is why; it becomes imperative for you to know each and every detail related to the limousine hire.

Firstly, hiring a limo is definitely a wise and popular choice that you are planning to make. Moving ahead, there are some important things to consider before you even begin your search on the various limo hire wedding packages on the internet. So what are they? Let’s take a tour today on what you should know when it comes to wedding limousine hire.

What Information Should You Have?

Before you set out to find a limo for your wedding, make sure that you are prepared with all the basic information about your event. You must be able to provide the date, locations as well as the time of the event in addition to the details that what you are looking forward to from hiring the limousine – how long you want, what facilities you want to indulge in and so on. Also, do not forget these 4 things that you need to consider while finding the best limousine service

Why Do You Need This Information?

The first thing that you will look forward to while enquiring about the limousine hire in Melbourne is probably to get a quote. Now, imagine you have not worked on these details yet! How will you be able to ask for a quote without knowing the day, time, facilities and type of limo you want to hire? After all, prices do vary according to the time and the locations; hence you need to be specific with this information.

Another thing, some limo cars may struggle with accessing certain locations, specifically the ones that are narrow and don’t entertain the entry of a big-sized vehicle. So, it is always best for the limo company to check before providing a quote to you. This will ensure you whether hiring a limo is practically possible or not.

Third, it is also recommended for you to know the number of people that will be travelling in a limo. This will decide whether you require a limo that will seat just a small group or multiple cars to accommodate a bigger group.

Hence, getting acquainted with all the information before you set out for hiring a limo becomes imperative.

What Types of Limos Can You Consider for Your Wedding?

You all must have seen a limo in your life – it tends to be moderately longer than various sedans available. These luxury cars can take a minimum of six passengers, which can even extend to 13, depending on the type of limo you select. Whatever you choose, remember that after all, it is a limo and will provide you with a luxury driving experience. So expect it to include lots of extras like bars, televisions, high-quality sound systems and even the odd light show.

Select from among a luxury fleet, including BMW, Chrysler, Holden and Mercedes according to your needs, special requirements and budget! Whether you are after a classic vintage or a modern contemporary look – your ride should be all about you and your party.

No matter which limo you choose, the facilities are sure to be class apart and you are going to have a memorable luxury drive to your wedding venue.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Limo?

The pricing part of limousine hire in Melbourne is not standard. It varies depending on a number of factors like:

  • How many hours are you planning to rent a limousine including your pick-up and final drop-off?
  • What is your wedding date? The peak season can attract higher rates
  • What is the location that you need to be picked and dropped?
  • Which limo car are you planning to hire?
  • What are the facilities that you are looking forward to?
  • What is your budget?

With these details on hand, the professional limo companies will be able to work out a plan, a limo hire solution for you along with a quote that even suits your budget.

Will Your Limo Be A Chauffeur Driven Car?

The answer is a big YES! You won’t have to drive yourself as every limo comes with a chauffeur. And, if you do not have any experience on this, the chauffeurs do more than just drive. You can expect him to open the door for you, serve you the refreshments and assist you with all that you need while you are being driven to the venue.

How Long Before Should You Book Limousine for Your Wedding?

It again depends on when you are getting married. In case of a peak season, it is recommended to book your wedding car at least 9 to 12 months before your wedding and at least six months in case of the off-peak season. It is always best to be secured for your big day, so freeze the deal as soon as possible.

Plan A Luxurious and Memorable Drive to Your Wedding Venue

Attention to detail is very important so once you have decided on a hire company, make sure that you have communicated every smallest of the details to them. Be it the route, the drinks, the sound system or other facilities – the right company will ensure that you have the best drive of your life.

As said before, it is best to make your move with the booking as soon as you get all the details. Limousines are extremely popular and by any chance, you wouldn’t want a situation where you are missing out hiring the best one for your wedding, right?

Get going to have the best luxury drive of your life with a perfect limousine hire in Melbourne.