How to Hire the Right Wedding Car for your big day?


Do you remember those beautiful scenes from your favorite romantic movie where the bride gently lifts her feet, elegantly sweeping her wedding dress out of the way as she steps out of her wedding car? Well, there is no surprise that every bride (and even groom!) want to create such beautiful moments by hiring a top notch luxurious car for their special day.

Every single wedding component is highly important and needs to be planned perfectly, allowing the wedding couple and guests to witness the overall success of a celebration. Similarly, how you are going to arrive on your wedding day plays a vital role in creating a statement.

When your wedding car will be in that many wedding pictures of yours (trust me, it surely will), you want to be assured to pick the perfect wedding car that makes you look more stylish and elegant on your special day. When you plan a wedding, you know every minute details matter (it does!) and thus when it comes to choose wedding car, look for a car that matches and enhances your wedding day style. From classic Rolls Royce to luxurious limousines, a lot of wedding car rental companies will have an overwhelming plethora of styles.

Classic Wedding Cars

Hire a classic wedding car to add that ultimate luxury and decadence on your wedding day.

Chauffeur driven Rolls Royce or Bentley is one of the best options to choose from. Also, check that your wedding car service provider decorates the car as per your wedding theme.

Nowadays, many wedding car rental companies offer their clients with the complimentary add-ons including champagne, romantic music and a red carpet for your arrival at your wedding venue. Classic wedding cars are perfect for an elegant, urban wedding or an evening reception.

Vintage wedding cars

If your wedding theme is more of a traditional style than vintage wedding cars is the perfect car to help you make the grand entry to your wedding venue.

Entry in 1920s vintage Dodge Presidential Limousine or a Sedanca de Ville can create a real talking point.

To make a class statement 1940s Austin Sheerline, or a 1950s Rolls Royce Silver Cloud could be the best.  These cars can take four passengers comfortably so that you and your bridesmaids can have a very relaxing drive to the ceremony.

American wedding cars

American Wedding Cars is a very popular option for the bride and groom as it can make a real style statement as you arrive at the ceremony. White 1960s Cadillac Coupe DeVille can take up to 4 passengers making it a perfect ride for you and your bridesmaids.

You can also opt out for red Corvette Stingray, but remember it can take only one passenger so it might need to be driven by your father or maid of honour.

Four doors pillars-less Chevrolet can add a charm to your wedding photos. As there is no bar between the front and back windows you can get unique photos of yours and the groom or yours with your bridesmaids on your way to the ceremony.

Novelty wedding cars

A modern car for a modern couple! Making the wedding unique and personal is the aim of all the modern cars and choosing novelty wedding cars can certainly add the style and uniqueness to your big day.

A replica tram is a fun idea to transport your whole bridal party to the ceremony and reception. Many wedding car rental companies in Perth and Freemantle offers double trams that can take up to sixty guests and not just your bridesmaids.

1960s Leyland School Bus is another novelty wedding car option that can be used to transport you and your entire bridal party.

Chauffeur driven limousine


Last but not the least, chauffeur driven limousines are the most conventional and practical option one can choose for their wedding day. Limousines are spacious providing ample room for the bride and bridesmaids to stretch out without worrying about having their dresses crushed. Wedding car hire service providers often offer a little extra as a part of the package that includes chilled champagne, red carpet and much more. It’s always a great idea to connect with local limousine hire services in Melbourne to get the most affordable packages and best value deals.