How to Make the Most Out of Your Boat Hire in Melbourne?


When the weather is truly mesmerizing and when you are off from the work, there are some great adventure options to consider when it comes to spending the day productively. Out of all, fishing is one such activity that most people love to indulge in.

Are you one amongst the many who would love to spend their day fishing in the waters? Then, you are at the right place as today we are going to talk about how to plan your day and ensure that it turns out to be the way you expected.

You should know the fact that if you don’t own a boat, there’s not a big deal at all as there are various boat hire options that you can resort to depending on your choice and preference. The boat rental option is, in fact, the best as there are many benefits attached to it. You will know this clearly by reading this blog on 6 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buying a Boat.

So, once you have decided to rent a boat, the next thing is to ensure that you are making the most out of it. The professional boat rental services offer different types of boats for various purposes. It’s totally on you to select the one you think will fit best for your fishing needs. Hence, the first step is all about making a choice of the boat. Below mentioned are the things that you should consider before booking your boat.

Ask These Questions before Hiring a Boat

#1 Are you planning to go along with a group of anglers or want to have a private boat for your group?

Joining a large number of anglers will turn out to be the cheapest options of all as the rates are based on a per-person basis. On the other hand, if you don’t have a budget to follow, it is best to opt for a private charter. It has more amenities and above all, your group can have all the fun as the boat is specifically booked just for you. Another option is to split a private charter. This can be made possible if you have a small group of less than 4.

In short, you need to first be clear on whether you want a party boat, private charter or a split charter. Figuring out this will help you to get the options of boat hire in Melbourne that best suits your needs.

#2 How big is your group?

If you are planning for a private charter, you must be clear with the number of people who are joining you in this fishing adventure. The number of people in your group will decide which boat options to consider.

#3 Are you planning to spend an entire day fishing?

Again, this is necessary. Generally, there is a 4-hour minimum duration on private charters. When we talk about standard trips, they can be anything from 4-hours, 6-hours, 8-hours, 10-hours and multi-day – it all depends on what you wish to choose.

#4 Is there a particular type of fishing you are looking to indulge in?

Are you looking for back bay fishing, offshore fishing or deep sea fishing? You need to communicate this with the service provider from whom you are planning to rent a boat. They will, in turn, recommend you the type of boat that will complement your fishing needs.

#5 What type of amenities you would like to have on the boat?

Maybe you are not that picky and all you want is just fish or maybe you want to go fishing with all the comfort and facilities around. Do you want a bathroom on board? Do you want some specific amenities like a refrigerator? Be clear with this section too, as this will again make sure that you are considering the right boat hire option.

These questions targeted the needs and requirements from your end, now; we will have a look at the aspects that you need to consider for the boat rental company.

Guidelines to Keep in Mind While Renting a Boat

#1 How do you find and select a boat rental company?

You can resort to the internet and search ‘boat rentals’ by mentioning your destination. Or, simply call the local chamber of tourism office to know the details. You can even get in touch with the local marina that might have the facility of the rental fleet.

#2 What type and size of the boat their fleet has?

The size largely depends on the waterway and the local rentals are likely to match the requirements. If you are planning to go just fishing, the rental company will provide you with the available fishing boat options and they will make the best match possible.

#3 What is in the rental agreement?

Rental agreements differ from one provider to another when it comes to boat hire in Melbourne. So, you need to read carefully. Some agreements state limitations on how far you can travel from the port, whereas others ban you from towing skiers or tubes or operating the boat in the night. Normal wear and tear is the company’s problem, but if there is any major damage, you will have to bear the expense. Also, make sure to check out how weather-dictated cancellations are handled.

#4 Is the rental company insured?

The liability coverage of the rental company must be listed in the agreement. Spend enough time with the agreement as you often agree to accept all the responsibility for anything that happens regardless of the cause – including the damage to the boat as well as the motor.

#5 Have you checked the vessel?

Before you take the keys, examine the boat thoroughly for dents, scratches, windshield, cracks, stains, prop damage, broken or loose fittings – basically anything that can make you spend on later. If you find anything, ensure to list them on the agreement before signing it.

#6 Where are the safety equipment stacked on the vessel?

This is important. You need to know where it’s all stacked up including life jacket sizing adjustments. Also, you should be aware of what other safety essentials can you require when you go fishing, especially when it is your first time.

Final Words

Considering these guidelines will surely enable you to make the most out of your boat hire in Melbourne. Find out a reliable boat rental company and ensure to figure out these questions and tips. Doing so will guarantee that you have chosen the right boat, the right deal and the right company for your fishing adventure. Make your day memorable one making the most out of what fishing has to offer.