10 Common Myths About Limousine Hire Services Debunked


What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear “Limousines”? A long fancy car defining a class, luxury and elegance like never before.

There is no denying that we all have, at some stage of life dreamed about getting out of a limo in style. And we end up trashing the idea because it’s obviously not going to happen. Well to your surprise, your fantasy can be turned into a reality.

Yes, you got that right! Limousine hire in Melbourne has now become easy and pocket-friendly. There’s an abundance of people who never attempt to hire limousines in Melbourne because they often get confused the myths with facts. Believing in these myths can stop you from enjoying the real fun of a luxury limousine service that can make you feel like a celebrity.

If you are planning to opt for limousine hire in Melbourne, ensure that you don’t fall victim to these myths.

Top 10 Myths That We Want To Strike Down:


Myth 1: Limousines Are Exclusively For Rich

Well, it is a complete fantasy that only rich can enjoy the luxury of limousines. When you consider all the amenities provided and the fixed price, opting for limousine hire for a few hours is not at all expensive. This luxurious vehicle can fit up to 8 to 15 people at a time, making it a more cost-effective option as compared to other private transportation. If you are going to party in the city or heading to the airport, limousine hire in Melbourne is the safest and cheapest mode of transportation. Here’s our blog post about what should you consider while hiring a limo.

Myth 2: Only Old Limousines Are Available On Rent

The fact is that the most reputable companies in the market boast an extensive fleet of the most renowned and latest limousines in Melbourne to reach out to the customers. These limousines are equipped with the modern amenities to provide you with the best riding experience.

Myth 3: Limousines Are only Available in Black & White Colour

Though black and white are the most commonly available colours, they are not the only colour range within the limousines. If you’re booking a limousine service for your wedding day, birthday or any other option, you don’t have to settle down for black and white. Doing some research can help to find a car that complements your event theme.

Myth 4: Most Drivers Don’t Have Adequate Training

This is a myth that isn’t backed by any facts or statistics. In reality, the chauffeurs who are driving the vehicle are one of the highly trained professionals with years of experience under their belt. They’re held to higher standards because they aren’t just trained to ride a limousine but also be a professional assistant. This means that it can help you with the things you might need during the rental period.

Myth 5: Limo Driver Are Not Familiar With English

Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that when you are riding in limousines in Melbourne, you are usually dealing with the foreign driver who isn’t familiar with the English. In fact, all the limo drivers are fluent in English and are literate. When you communicate with them, you’ll realize that they are more than fluent in English.

Myth 6: Limousines Are Unsuitable For Long Drives

This is another false notion related to limo hire in Melbourne. While many people opt to hire limos to ride short distances to special events, limousines are high end and extremely durable. Limousines are sturdy enough to be on the road 24 hours at a stretch without breaking down. The cost of hiring a limousine is worth. The amenities available with limousine cannot be found in many vehicles, making them a perfect option to celebrate the special occasion.

Myth 7: Limo Can’t Handle Highways

If you are living in an area where you need to get on the highways to commute, you might be worried if the limousines can handle the stress. Relax, don’t worry! Limousines are one of the best vehicles in the industry and can go a lot longer and faster than you could have ever imagined.

Myth 8: Limousines Is Only For Business Executives

While a business executive can definitely benefit for the limousine hire in Melbourne, it doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who can enjoy these rides. Even if you are heading to your graduation party, a friend’s wedding or a family Christmas dinner, you can hire a limo. Everyday people can benefit from limo hire, especially when you are travelling in groups.

Myth 9: Many People Can Be Squeezed Into A Stretch Limousine

In an ideal world, this would seem to be correct, but the fact remains that it not an actual reality. Though stretch limousines look gigantic from the outside, there’s not always a whole lot of room inside. Most of the space is equipped with the fitted bars, music system, LED lights, etc. Only a designated number of people can be assigned for a stretch limo. Exceeding the limit can result in uncomfortable wide without sufficient legroom.

Myth 10: It is Difficult To Hire Limousines From Reputable Companies

Another false notion that is associated with limousine hire in Melbourne is that it’s too tough to hire a vehicle from a reputable company. This is totally untrue. All you need to do to make a booking is connect with the provider via phone call or dropping down at their office. You need to specify your needs and what kind of service you are looking for along with discussing their company’s terms and condition. The one thing you need to ensure here is to make the advance booking to save yourself from the last minute chaos.

In a Nutshell:

Limousines in Melbourne are a luxurious and high-end transportation vehicle which is perfect for any occasion. While selecting a service provider for limo hire in Melbourne, ensure that the company has a long history of serving in the industry.